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Read conversations with trailblazers, game changers and innovators in apparel.
Or find out more about Dyneema® in apparel, to get an insight into the future of performance fabrics.

TDP 29.08.2017

PHILIPP BACHINGER - Freeing Your Feet with minimalist footwear

Free Your Feet (FYF) was originally inspired by the needs of kite surfers who require protection against hidden sharp objects while still being able to be in sync with their board. Co-founder Philipp Bachinger explains why Dyneema® was essential in creating protective minimalist footwear that “is ten times better than anything that previously existed.”

TDP 13.08.2017

CONROY NACHTIGALL - The mission to create an ultimate alpine jacket

Canadian apparel designer Conroy Nachtigall has spent 15years creating technical urban clothing – geared to outdoor performance, yet aesthetically suited to the city. In 2016, TheDyneema® Project commissioned Conroy to create an ultimate alpine jacket with Dyneema® fabric that could withstand extreme alpine conditions.

TDP 27.06.2017

NICK GOSSEEN - State-of-the-art cycling shoes

Like so many high-performance sports, cycling requires materials that can keep up with its athletes – ultra-light for speed and ultra-strong for protection. Nick Gosseen leads teams at Specialized Bicycles in building innovative products to send cycling into the future. 

TDP 16.06.2017

ASHLEY WATSON - Pushing the limits of motorcycle apparel

After years of working for some of the UK’s top brands, Ashley Watson set up his own label for highly functional motorcycle apparel. For his new Dyneema®-infused Eversholt motorcycle jacket, he took it on a month-long expedition across Europe.

TDP 23.12.2016

ALASDAIR LEIGHTON-CRAWFORD - The future of high tech apparel

Former professional rower Alasdair Leighton-Crawford is a London-based trained tailor and sportswear designer/maker. As founder of CIMORO, he’s a self-styled ‘future master craftsman’ producing luxury high-performance sportswear apparel.

TDP 23.11.2016

ALLEN LITTLE - 'One amazing fabric'

Allen Little was born into textiles. Beginning at his family’s business three decades ago, he is now the Director of Product Development at Cone Denim – a company renown for being on the cutting-edge of denim.  

TDP 18.08.2016


Visual artist Chico MacMurtrie creates large-scale robotic sculptures, installations, and performances that reflect a deep fascination for both living organisms and contemporary technology.

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TDP 03.06.2016

JOTARO YOSHIDA - Enlightening the outdoor experience

The pyramid shape is primitive, but the shelters from LOCUS GEAR are far from simplistic. The lightest and strongest materials are what founder and designer Jotaro Yoshida has always been looking for.

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TDP 29.04.2016

JAN CHIPCHASE - Discreet gear for discerning travellers

SDR Traveller founder Jan Chipchase relies on Dyneema® for the deliberately low-key looking luggage and accessories the brand creates for the discerning globetrotter.

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TDP 25.03.2016

TIM EVANS - Floating on water

Outdoor enthusiast Tim Evans wanted a folding kayak but couldn’t find any that were up to his expectations. He decided to take matters in his own hands and started experimenting using a frame of aluminum and carbon fiber tubes and a Dyneema® Flexible Composite skin.

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TDP 22.12.2015

MARCEL GESER - Garments of tomorrow

Development Never Stops has a highly unique, “laboratory” type studio set up where they combine their vast knowledge with state of the art machinery to create the technical garments of tomorrow.

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TDP 04.11.2015

MIKE ST. PIERRE - Walk on the light side

Embracing innovations in materials technology and striving to be the ‘Leaders in Lightweight™', Hyperlite Mountain Gear is one of the trailblazers of a new generation of ultralight hiking gear.

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TDP 06.10.2015

JOSEPH JENKINS - Bulletproof sartorialist

Joseph Jenkins (24) is a bulletproof sartorialist. This London based bespoke tailor creates made-to-measure body protection with Dyneema®. Jenkins’ pieces are highly functional garments, with the looks of a true piece of art.

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TDP 13.07.2015

OUTLIER - All for the sake of the future of clothing

The unique properties of Dyneema® seem to go hand in hand with the design philosophy of Outlier. This New York based clothing label strives to truly implement the properties of fabrics into their designs.

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TDP 29.06.2015

NEIL BELL - Making a classic last longer

Neil Bell has been innovating denim for a large part of his working life. After having been global fabric innovation manager at Levi Strauss & Co (where he worked on the development of Levi’s ‘501 Strong’, using Dyneema®) for 14 years, he now works for DSM Dyneema on business and product development. San Francisco is his home base.

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