The Dyneema® Project is dedicated to trailblazers, game changers and innovators using our fabrics.

These are for the trailblazers…

Over the last years, we looked on in amazement as Dyneema® Composite Fabrics have been applied to every possible domain – from automotive to architecture. Yet we’d like to shed light on one of the early adopters: the ultra-light movement, whose trailblazers took this remarkable material and ran with it. We created these ‘Prototypes’ to raise the bar further and hopefully inspire the next cycle of innovation…

The Dyneema® Project: an elite program for premium brands

World's strongest lightest fiber was discovered by chance in 1963. It took another 27 years to commercialize and bring it to market. Dyneema® is currently being used to moor oil rigs, lift buildings and stop bullets. Tomorrow it will make fabric stronger, lighter, smarter and more durable.

Join The Dyneema® Project and get an insight into the future of performance fabrics.

Dyneema® Bonded Leather by Ecco Leather

What happens when you combine the luxurious look and feel of leather with the unprecedented strength of Dyneema® fiber and push it to the max? The result is Dyneema® Bonded Leather, the new material created in collaboration between ECCO Leather and DSM Dyneema: the thinnest yet strongest leather on the market.

A mission to create an ultimate alpine jacket

Canadian apparel designer Conroy Nachtigall has spent 15 years creating technical urban clothing – geared to outdoor performance, yet aesthetically suited to the city. In 2016, The Dyneema® Project commissioned Conroy to create an ultimate alpine jacket with Dyneema® fabric that could withstand the extreme alpine conditions of Squamish, BC. Our ‘Sending It’ documentary covers this story. Here, we go behind the scenes...

Dyneema® Carbon Hybrid Composites

Dyneema®, the world's strongest fiber significantly improves the performance of pure carbon composites in terms of impact resistance, vibrational dampening and weight.