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Videos and images are available for sharing and downloads. Free of use, but please credit The Dyneema® Project or tag @thedyneemaproject.

Love of the fall

Trailblazers Documentary Series

Three skateboarders put Durable Denim with Dyneema® to the test.

Video (4:34)

Dyneema® Bonded Leather by Ecco Leather - ''The Passenger''

Combine the luxurious look and feel of leather with the unprecendented strenght of Dyneema®, the strongest fibre in the world, and push it to the max. The result is Dyneema® Bonded Leather, the new material created by ECCO Leather and The Dyneema® Project.

Video (2:55)

The Dyneema® Project

Trailblazers Documentary Series, Episode 1

The launch of The Dyneema® Project

Video (1:49)


Trailblazers Documentary Series, Episode 2

''Ultralight'', the new movement in the outdoor industry

Video (5:39)

The quest of a single layer motorcycle denim

Trailblazers Documentary Series, Episode 3

''The quest of a single layer motorcycle denim''

Video (7:51)

Sending It

Trailblazers Documentary Series, Episode 4

''Sending It'', a mission to create the ultimate Alpine jacket.

Video (8:31)

Dyneema® Flexible Composites Whitepaper

Fabric properties explained, focusing on strenght, lightweight, colouring and printing options.

PDF (1.85 MB)

Black Dyneema® Fiber

A spool of Black Dyneema® fiber. Dyneema® fiber is available in white or black.

Image (940.36 KB)

Denim with Dyneema® whitepaper

Explaining the properties, differences and values.

PDF (540.42 KB)

Denim with Dyneema®

Ultra strenght but soft and subtle to the touch.

Image (872.04)

Woven with Dyneema®

Creating numerous options for use in performance apparel and accessories.

Image (923 KB)

Dyneema® Flexible Composite

Taking ultralight strength to new heights.

Image (887.61 KB)

Knits with Dyneema®

Both circular and warp knits can be tailored to the specific needs of the final application.

Image (1.06 MB)