The Dyneema® Project

Forging strong connections

For the past year we have been carefully curating our innovations program – The Dyneema® Project – by undertaking close collaborations with selected brands and mills. We will begin to feature our collaborations starting FW2016 as the products will be available in the market.

Criteria for participation in The Dyneema® Project

  • From a product / technological perspective: premium product development with true trailblazers / innovators
  • From a trend/pop cultural perspective: RELEVANCE.
  • Willing and able to use The Dyneema® Project labelling in product

The Dyneema® Project is an invitation-only program

Collaborations are curated by the Strategic and Creative Team at The Dyneema® Project. This team is a combination of Dyneema® management and strategic and creative partners.


Offering of the Dyneema® Project for participating brands – a mix of elements

#1 Fabric development support

For brands Tailor made consultancy, sharing of expertise, advise on which fabrics to use. Connect with best manufacturing partners, with proven track rocords in developing and producing Dyneema®-enhanced fabrics.

For mills Dyneema® fabric designers and/or engineers are available to co-develop new and innovative high-performance Dyneema® labeled fabrics.

#2 Business support for brands

Sneak preview

Dyneema® is continuously developing new fibers and fabrics. Participants in The Dyneema® Project will have a sneak preview and/or first option on these new mill-developed fabrics.