Dyneema® carbon

A perfect marriage for lightweight performance


Discover Dyneema® Carbon

Dyneema® Carbon hybrid composites represent a leap in the evolution of carbon. The world’s strongest fiber significantly improves on the performance of pure carbon composites in terms of weight, impact resistance, ductility and vibrational dampening.

Already being designed for high-performance bikes and hockey sticks, the potential of Dyneema® Carbon is in fact endless. Welcome to a new shatterproof world.

A higher level hybrid

Less vibration
Pure carbon is stiff and transmits energy. Dyneema® absorbs it. For ball-sports this means a more comfortable strike as vibrations are absorbed by the equipment, not the player.

More ductile
Pure carbon shatters with excessive impact. Dyneema® Carbon hybrid composite is more ductile and can be shatterproof. Making components more reliable, and safer.

Dyneema® Carbon hybrid composite is lighter than pure carbon. When every gram counts it enables weight reduction to be achieved without compromising on performance.